Tribune-Review: Diocese to introduce website, as Bishop Zubik urges Catholics to evangelize

April 17, 2014

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
By Bill Zlatos

Mankind fell out of grace from God because of an apple, and the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh hopes Apple can bring him back.
Bishop David Zubik on Thursday released his fourth pastoral letter — “The Church Evangelizing!” — to encourage Catholics to spread the word of God.

On Easter Sunday, the diocese will introduce a second website,, filled with interactive content that can be used on Apple equipment.
“To be an evangelist is to be the face, the hands, the heart and the voice of Christ to those who long to hear a friendly voice and to see a friendly face,” the bishop wrote.
Helene Paharik, associate general secretary for the diocese, helped the bishop draft the letter.

“It’s an old message, but the bishop is doing something that cuts through the clutter and makes it very simple,” Paharik said. “The thesis is be a friend and be a better friend. Be loyal. Be compassionate. Be hospitable.”

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